Dumb mistaje

So my dumb mistake was not checking to see how the lineup would be at the start of the game when it loaded up, sometimes you’d get 4 people in the party vs. starting with the just main character… which is what was supposed to be in the game.

I had to rework that issue which didn’t take to long, but now I’ve gotta reupload the game to fix that issue…

So instead of releasing a patch just for that, I decided to do some extra work to the boring tutorial stage for newer players to this style of games, I’m also working on a less generic looking castle layout, store layouts, ect… I didn’t really wanna launch a game with stock loadouts for these areas, but…hey it happens.

Anyways, I’ll be working on more through out the week, so if you play the game could you kindly leave some feedback?

This game is also only on windows pc, do not ask me to launch it on Android as that is in the works and I’m planning on that for a future task.


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Jan 31, 2018

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